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What is Smugglers?

Smugglers is a ministry subsidary of the Final Frontiers Foundation. Our primary purpose is to support national chruch planters in third world nations, enabling them to reach their own people with the gospel. In our first twenty-give years (1986-2011) we saw more than 38,000 new churches in 87 countries. We have for several years consistently averaged a new church being started every three and a half hours. This is done by the labors of the national church planters who are supported by churches and families at the rate of just $50 monthly. Smugglers is our Bible distribution ministry which provides the pastors and their converts with their own copy of God's Word.

Why should I give?

If they can risk their lives to distribute God's Word to those who will risk their lives to receive it; can we not from our abundance, and without risk, give a mere $5 to provide a copy for them?

We want you to know that your funding will be used to purchase Bibles and New Testaments to distribute all over the world, but especially in regions where it is restricted, lmitied or totally forbidden.

Many people do not even know there is a Bible. They have heard rumors of a Book written by God but they have never seen one nor touched one. To make matters even worse, they do not know anyone who ever has. They long to have a copy of their own to read and cherish but are not even sure it really exists. To them, it is a fable. Your support will turn their fable into reality and allow them to learn about the God who loves them.

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